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Command, control, and communicate to team members at the start of a project. Templates, commands, and sequences are available for project planning, project checkpoints, and team communication, so you can get to work faster and with fewer keyboard shortcuts.AutoCAD command shortcuts are also fully customizable. Use your own customized shortcuts for design actions, communicate faster to team members, and improve your productivity. (video: 2:45 min.)Save and export, as well as import, shared documents and files.Add and edit layers in drawing window; use the Full Customization to modify your drawing screen layout.Align, copy, delete, and move objects; check results with imported measurements.New in AutoCAD 2023:New Live Mapping tools, which provide measurement information on the fly.The software automatically interprets your measurements, translating them into appropriate drawing symbols. Use the symbols to automatically add engineering equations to your drawings.Use measurement to check whether a shape is too small, too large, or just right.Redraw or recheck your design with ease, without the need for a new drawing session. Use the drawing’s undo system to undo parts of a drawing, then automatically redraw those parts.Stay on top of your project with a full set of customizable ribbon and toolbar commands.Save your project as a template for future use. Templates are based on the current version of the software, so they are always compatible.Automatically repeat your drawing on the model.Stay organized with single selection tools and replaceable plotters.Connect to external 2D and 3D sources and edit drawings automatically.Use a variety of input methods, including simple pen and paper drawings.Save and organize your drawings with a centralized drawing folder and multiple table views.Insert and edit text; draw arrows, lines, and objects; and change fonts.Faster and more intuitive drawing with the addition of the Unified Modeling Language (UML).Edit documents, as well as a growing range of 3D applications, with a single, unified design.Share your design with coworkers or clients on an online platform.Use a variety of new drawing tools, including the powerful new block-based vector line tool and line attributes.Use modeling techniques such as parametric modeling and block modeling to build surfaces and objects in a 2 2be273e24d


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